Custom Paint Brushes

From the head to handle, our paint brushes are fully customizable to meet the diverse needs of your markets & customers.

Brush Hair

Sinkai offers well-selected natural hair & synthetic filaments to help you custom
brushes of different functions with the right materials.

Animal Hair/Bristles


  • Natural White Pig Bristle
  • Natural Black Pig Bristle
  • Natural Grey Pig Bristle
  • Natural Wool
  • Natural Horse Tail Hair


  • Excellent for use with solvent-based stains, varnished, marine coatings, and urethanes.
  • Natural Bristles provide the smoothest professional finish and high capacity

Synthetic Filaments


  • Nylon
  • PBT
  • SRT/Hollow PET
  • PBT Mixed PET
  • PP


  • A good quality synthetic brush can be used on all types of paint but works best with water-based formulas
  • Synthetic filaments don’t swell up with water as natural bristles, so they apply latex paints smoothly and easily
  • More color options than natural hair 

Brush Shape

At Sinkai, there is a wide range of brush shapes available, from the flat long sash, round, bended, ceiling and oval ones to any shapes required for the precise application.
By working closely with our clients, we’ll research & develop custom brush shapes that work best with different painting conditions.
Just contact us for any custom needs related to brush shapes.

Brush Ferrules

For the customization of ferrules, the possibilities are endless. From color to material, you can choose anything you like based on the brush design & function. Also, you can mark your logo on the ferrules. 

Most ferrules are made of steel, including tin plated steel, stainless steel , copper plated, brass plated, etc.. Some times, plastic ferrule is also selected option, sepcially for round head brush

The color in the left photo is the most commonly selected.

Glossy, matt, & brushed finish

Brush Handles

we can supply you handles with wooden, plastic, rubber & bamboo material in all sizes, shapes & color.

Wood Handle

We could provide wood handles in different shapes with FSC certificate. Poplar, Beech, Birch, Maple trees are all options. Painted color on the handle is also accepted.

Plastic Handle

By customing injection mold, we can assist our clients in developing plastic handles in all styles, colors & sizes

Rubber Handle

We could provide rubber and plastic handles in different shapes & color. 

Brush Sizes

In general, Sinkai paint brushes are available in width from 1 to 5 inches. The size you select is based on your preference for different painting work, but a good rule of thumb is as follows:


Logo Print

Want to show the private label on your custom paint brushes? At Sinkai, we could help you to print your logo on the handle with proper methods.
Besides, the label on plastic bag is also a good choice to show your brand.

Custom Package

Sinkai offers a variety of packaging options to make your paint brushes more attractive to customers. From plastic hanging bags to different styles of paper boxes, just feel free to talk with us about your requirements.

Hanging Bag

Paper Box

Blister Box

Talk About Your Custom Needs

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